Missed calls and your phone model will in the future determine whether one can get a loan or buy goods on instalment. Credit analyst have shown that the more one stays with one telecom operator or by using one sim card for a lonf time shows financial creditworthiness

Mobile Data

Also how one uses mobile data will point out to his or her ability to pay debt where individuals who are less financially reliable tend to have more modest internet plans and rush to connect as quickly as possible to free Wi-Fi networks at home and elsewhere.

Missed Calls

Many missed calls points to a frequent debtor as creditors get useful insights about whether a potential customer often fails to answer incoming calls. People are categorized into five: those who fail to answer calls very often, often, an average amount, rarely, and very rarely the assumption here is that people experiencing financial difficulties avoid answering calls as they do not want to talk with creditors or with relatives to whom they may also be in debt-though sometimes one may have stalkers which might bring bias to this assumption

Mobile Wallet

The more punctually a customer tops up their mobile wallet limit and the bigger their income, the higher their credit rating will be. Read more