Quality healthcare is necessary for anyone to be productive and progressive in life – a healthy nation is a productive nation. However, the cost of quality healthcare can be out of reach for many and the few available funding options like insurance, which requires upfront lump-sum premium payment, are expensive and often unaffordable to many.

We wish to introduce the fully fledged healthcare solution of Endelea Advantage Medical Plan, a unique Affordable Healthcare Plan providing a revolutionary approach to reducing healthcare costs for organizations and individual employees

Endelea Advantage Plan is a self-funded outpatient medical scheme that allows members to set aside funds used to access quality outpatient healthcare services conveniently using biometric medical smartcards or mobile phones at designated health clinics, hospitals and pharmacies with significant savings on medical costs from negotiated discounts.

This Plan is a result of a successful collaboration between BridgeCap and leading healthcare providers and insurance companies guaranteeing great service and value to members at affordable instalment payments reducing your cost burden often experienced with one-off lump-sum premium payments.